Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Warm Kitty

We're having a chilly, grey, rainy spring day, and we've both been sick, so Frink built a lovely fire in the fireplace today. SamIAm the cat enjoyed it most of all. (I realize the stated purpose of this blog is to discuss objects. Fireplaces count, right? So, what can I say about the fireplace? Hmm...I don't care for the brass surround. I'm not a brass type person; copper and wrought iron are more my thing. The copper pot in the photo was my mother's. There. Now on to the cute cat pictures.)

Our other cat, Puki, preferred to enjoy the fire from the comfort of a lap. Puki is on a new medicine, given by dabbing it inside an ear (what a wonderful invention!) and is doing much better of late. She's eating, although she hasn't gained much weight, and her fur looks a little healthier.


  1. Beautiful cats! And I love fireplace & often wish to have one...... but in Singapore, we do not have d luxury of owning one due to our climate.... so I can only enjoy in hotels whenever I travel :)

    Nice post. Do visit http://luxuryhaven.blogspot.com when u've time & let me noe your review. Thks!

  2. I love your cats. We have five, two rescued Siamese.

    Great photos!

  3. Beautiful kitties. I have always wanted one or two or even three. Allergies-you know. Ah-Choo. Sorry.

  4. Thank you for complimenting my little kitties. The Siamese mix is a rescue kitty, found on the street at a week old. (I'll post on him soon.)

    Blackswan, we do enjoy the fireplace, but it is probably a waste. There's just something so cozy about a cat and a fireplace on a chilly day!

  5. I have a shiny brass surround on my fireplace too. I wish it were more of a antiqued bronze... but I just love a fire on a rainy gray day. And I really have a thing for copper... even better when it has history.

    Feel better!

  6. Glad to hear your cat is doing better. I had a cat that was diabetic and although it's not on the same scale as what you're going through, I can relate to giving shots. My newest roommate also found me at the pound. She jumped from her perch onto my shoulders as I was walking by, thus letting me know I was the one to get her out of her predicament. That was almost three years ago and I couldn't have asked for a better animal friend.