Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Tidings

This photo illustrates two things:

1. I am a slob.

2. It's spring!

Friday afternoon. I came upstairs after work and noticed some of the clothes I had tossed on the end of the bed this week. (I get slobbier as the week progresses.) Now, you might see nothing but a total mess. But what struck me was the colors of these clothes, the sherbety palette of peach and lime and white that spells spring.

This has been one of those gorgeous, phenomenal, long-lasting springs. No late frosts, no heavy storms. All the varieties of blooming trees are overlapping. Every street is awash in lilacs and wisteria, redbuds and dogwoods, the last blooms of the cherry trees and the ornamental pears. Flowering trees are one of the reasons I know there is a god. Who else could invent such a glorious thing?

On the off chance that you don't love looking at pictures of my dirty laundry, here are some of the spring sights from my neighborhood.

This dogwood is in our front yard.

And these are some tulips and daffodils in our yard.

This is the house across the street:

We call this Azalea House. This picture doesn't do it justice. On both sides of their drive and in front of the house they have huge azaleas in different colors.

Some tulips up the block.
This is the first year I've noticed this wisteria. The young couple who own the home were out front working in the yard. They said it was three years old. We had late frosts the first two years. There was a frost a couple of weeks ago, but they put a tent and 1500 watts of light over it to keep it safe. It was worth it!

Someone had these two baskets of daffodil bulbs out front with a "free, plant ASAP" sign on them. It's the wrong time of year, but we're going to put them into the ground in the front yard. Hope some of them make it!


  1. I live in MN and have been thrilled at the wonderful spring we are having. Last year was terrible. Seeing vegetation in April is fabulous. I do miss green grass all winter.

  2. Nice colorful pics. Free Daffodil bulbs? Wow. Hope all of them make it.

    - Bijita

  3. Frankie, Please stop by my blog. I have a surprise for you to pick up. RAE*

  4. Frankie, loved the pics! I love flowers and plants and yes - Spring is God's way of showing his mastery over nature and it's art. Simple things in life bring so much pleasure. Those beautiful flowers are just an example. I love color Green and Blue. They are my two favorite colors and they are colors of nature. I feel Spring brings them out beautifully. Thank you God for Spring and everything else in nature!

  5. Beautiful pics! I have daffodils in my front yard and I hate that they only last a short while.