Friday, February 13, 2009

Splurging on My Own Jewelry: An Un-Valentine's Day Tale

When I got this necklace, it was the most expensive piece of jewelry I had ever bought for myself. It cost $80. I was living in Boulder with my then-husband, who was in grad school. My work as a freelance writer barely kept us afloat. But when I saw this necklace in a bohemian, second-hand dress shop, it seemed made just for me. I loved the shimmery copper and the depth of the green and turquoise beads, which are set inside a layer of clear glass. Every time I passed the store, I went in to look at the necklace, anxious that it would be gone. Finally, I bought it. My husband (who, aside from my wedding ring, gave me only two pieces of jewelry during our 25 years together -- a ring when we were 16 and some pretty calla lily earrings for an anniversary) was angry. But I didn't care. And it turns out I was right. The necklace has given me more joy than my husband ever did, and while he is gone from my life, the necklace remains.

Even though I can now afford it, I seldom spend much on clothes or jewelry. My most extravagant splurge ever was on these gold earrings, which I found in Athens when I was working in Europe last year. They cost $600, and when I plunked down my Euros and wore them out of the shop, feeling elegant and happy, I didn't have to answer to anyone.

PS -- Frink just read this post. His response? "You spent $600 on earrings in Greece?!!!" Sigh.

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